Sunday, 5 September 2010

Where does time go?

I was going to post today about the excitement of having a new iPhone. However, said iPhone would not allow me to write a post (I could put in a title and labels, but no actual text). If no-one is reading this, it wouldn't actually matter, but since I delude myself that people do occassionally read my ramblings, it seems only fair that I should ramble.

In my last post, I talked about going to buy yarn for the sweater that I was going to work on in the 'Sweater Fitness' class at KnitNation. Well, KnitNation (and the class) have been and gone - it was fab - and the sweater has been knit. I made some fairly significant modifications to the pattern along the way but it does fit pretty well. I would like to try to do a v-neck version (with a not quite so wide neck line) but that is a project for when it isn't the run-up to Christmas (yes, I did just say that at the beginning of September!).

In other news, I tried to make plum jam yesterday. I had about a pound and a half of plums, so I wasn't expecting huge quantities. What I ended up with was two and a half jars of plum toffee, and a preserving plan with a very burnt bottom. I did eventually get the plan clean, but whether anyone will ever succeed in getting the toffee back out of the jars is another matter! Today is planned to be mixed red berry. Wel'll see how it goes