Saturday, 5 February 2011

Photography class

I promised to write more about the Cornwall retreat, and so here it is (although it may not look that way at first...). I got up this morning, and made a cuppa in my beautiful retreat mug.
I then cleared my workspace and started taking photographs.
The last class that I took in Cornwall was with Anne and was on photography. Initially, it was just Ali and me in the class, but then Alice was able to join in too. We started out talking about backgrounds, light and how these can affect the picture - looking right in to the object and seeing the shadows. We also tallked about how the different objects in a picture can affect one another (Ali's pink sweater cast a definite glow onto a ball of oatmeal-ish yarn) but less obviously when the two colours are on opposite sides of the colour wheel. We then started looking at how to edit our pictures. Below are my 'before' and 'after' (they have been made the same size, but that's all I did to the first one.) We looked at how to edit the colours and how they affect one another. In the original picture, the red skein wasn't far from its correct colour, but the green wasn't showing its real vibrancy.
We then went on to take some pictures of an FO (more to follow).
I saw Alice again on Thursday. She has already bought a new camera - I am only thinking about it (although it has to be said that I found some functions on mine this morning that I couldn't find last week).