Saturday, 23 July 2011

I am still trying to work out whether it is possible to blog from my phone. I feel that it ought to be, but as yet I have not been successful. But I use the phone far more than the laptop these days and so it would be handy.

That said, Mildred the laptop has been out this evening. I am currently knitting a Cardigan (Sojourner) on which there are decreases at the neck edge happening at a different rate from the increases in the side seams. For me, that spells "spreadsheet". That's particularly the case on this occasion as I am putting in short-row shaping, using the extremely helpful information in Ysolda's latest book "Little Red in the City". There are several patterns in the book that I want to do, but Sojourner was already planned, so it reached the head of the queue first.

Well, this is a bit of a mini-post, especially since I can no longer see what I'm typing as I write; however, it does seem that I can compose posts (albeit without pictures) on the phone. You never know - perhaps this will encourage me to post more regularly.