Tuesday, 10 November 2015

Jane Austen Vest - Part 4: Knitting

It will be a shorter post this week (and late), because I've been spending all my time on the knitting! 

I cast on, as planned, on 1 November.  Worked nearly 8 complete rounds of rib and realised that it was twisted.  Aagh.  I don't recall ever having done that before, but I did it big time.  On the plus side, at the second attempt the ribbing came out much more even than it had the first time.

At the time of writing, I am now almost up to the split for the V-neck (which comes a few rounds before the under-arm shaping).  This has involved one re-work of the pattern.  There was one row missing (fortunately in the straight waist section so I could just insert one extra row) and a couple of places where the pattern itself was wrong at the end of the start of the round.  I fixed these points and also re-sized the rows in the spreadsheet so that they are all the same height - drawing on the outline had caused some rows to grow slightly.  This wouldn't matter except that I was trying to use the chart reading function in Knit Companion.  Until the row heights were fixed, the chart highlighter wouldn't work properly and, frankly, was more trouble that it was worth.  But it's all fixed now and working well.

I have a post planned for next weekend, although I'll be visiting Mum and Dad, so may not have time to post, but will try to include progress pictures.  And the rate I'm going, the following week will be the steeks.