Friday, 24 June 2016

Thoughts on the result

Today is a sad day. I will readily admit that when Mr Dimbley called the result at around 5.30 this morning, I swore at the television. And yet I have to remind myself that I am fortunate.  I am fortunate to live in a nation where I, and millions of others, have democratic rights that we can exercise freely.  I am fortunate to live in a nation where I can express my disappointment without fear of reprisal. I am fortunate that I have a loving family, a home to go to, food to eat, and many comforts beside. I must remember to value the democratic rights that I have and respect those whose views do not coincide with mine.

Today was supposed to be a celebration.  Two colleagues and I were celebrating achieving a milestone promotion. And we were still able to do that. And for a little while we were able to forget. And now we must move on.

Some things will change. But I suspect that much won't. And I will still be much more fortunate than so many others.

So, I will delete the vitriolic tweets that I draft but do not post. I will commiserate with friends and grind my teeth.  I will wonder what apparently led so many people to vote "Leave" without actually wanting that outcome - and consider why that situation has arisen. I will remember that there were intelligent, thoughtful people campaigning on both sides of the debate (as well as those who were deceitful or self-serving - on both sides of the debate). I will try to look to the future with positivity, hope and respect.  And I will try to remember how fortunate I am to live in a democratic country.